"Where I plodded, she flew; where I was methodical, she was mercurial. She found her power instinctively, jumping ahead to the answer. In those days, we Nerazim were particularly independent, preferring solitary work and study, but Naraza and I complemented each other well. Together we accomplished much more than we could have individually. My studies were the rock to which she could anchor herself as she cast her mind farther into the Void."

- Theromos(src)

Naraza was a female Nerazim protoss who studied the energies of the Void in the early days of the Dark Templar's exile.

She partnered up with a fellow student, a less ambitious male named Theromos, and eventually convinced him to perform a ritual that would combine the two of them into a powerful, permanent dark archon. He agreed, but was not strong enough to go through with the ritual. Naraza ignored his pleas to stop and, greedy for more power, was consumed by the Void.

This traumatic event made Theromos pledge to only teach others in the use of the Void's power, and not wield it himself. It took many centuries for him to overcome his grief and relate this story to anyone.


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