NeosteelFrame SC2 Game1


Neosteel is an exceptionally durable material utilized by terrans. It is used as part of the armor for battlecruisers,[1] CMC armor,[2] jumpsuits (thinly interwoven to provide protection),[3] bunkers,[4] thors,[5] goliaths, the interior of drop pods, certain starships,[6] the hellion,[7] hellbat,[8] the C-10 rifle,[9] widow mines,[10] the fusulage of Ravens,[11] the warhound,[12] Crucio siege tank treads,[13] reinforcement bars and security doors.[14]

Neosteel requires catalytic elements to create. The richest source was New Folsom, but the much safer Sara system is used for the same purpose.[15]

In general terran language, to be "like neosteel" is to have great strength of will.[14]


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