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New Antioch

New Antioch, Shakuras,[1] was the main protoss settlement on that world after the fall of Aiur. It became the site of the Executor's Citadel. The protoss held war councils with Raszagal there.[1][2] Beneath the city was an underground railway system.[3]

According to the Daelaam archives, a nuclear device was detonated in the heart of the city by a Nerazim terrorist, who was the brother of one Praetor Fenix slew three years earlier. Fenix and a Khalai Caste worker fought through the underground railway system, and slew the warlord.[3]

Game MapEdit

New Antioch
NewAntioch SC2 Map1



Wasteland (Shakuras)





Extra Features

New Antioch appears as a twilight wasteland map in StarCraft II. Destructible rocks block a rear-door passage into the starting bases, and there are other passages blocked only by LoS blockers.[4]


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