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The following section contains information from StarCraft: Insurrection.

New Dresdin was a settlement on Brontes IV.

Following the zerg invasion, the Confederate Council of Inquiry took control of the planet. However, they were seen by many as tyrants.

The New Dresdin Outlaws, an anti-Council of Inquiry group, were based here during the Great War. The Council reacted by declaring the town to be "infested" by the zerg, and ordered the settlement destroyed. The Outlaws held off the Council-formed Hammer Strike Force's attack while Black Morgan evacuated the civilian inhabitants by dropship.[1]

The Incubus Brood attacked the now-ruined town but were repulsed by the Outlaws.[2]

The Outlaws allied with elements of the protoss 7th Fleet, led by Edullon, and managed to remove the zerg from the settlement's surroundings.[3]


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