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"They say no one has ever escaped from New Folsom Prison. Wasn't too long ago they were still right."

New Folsom Prison

New Folsom Prison is a maximum security facility on New Folsom.

Main prison blocks are situated on oil-rig type platforms inside a giant volcano caldera.[1]


The Terran Confederacy transformed the New Folsom Confederate Mine into a political prison after the catalytic elements required to forge neosteel were discovered in the Sara system. People who were enemies of the Confederacy, but too valuable (or popular) to kill, were sent there and used to work the mine's machinery. Requiring only a minimal guard staff and robotic sentries, New Folsom served as an inexpensive source of unrefined ore and minerals.

Many members of the Sons of Korhal spent hard time in New Folsom Prison during their rebellion against the Confederacy. Nevertheless, the Terran Dominion continued to use it.[2]

The Dominion harvested inmates to be used as test subjects at the Tyrador III research facility.[3]

At the outbreak of the Second Great War, Commander Jim Raynor believed no one had escaped from the prison since 2454.[4] Tychus Findlay was rumored to be locked away there[5] and claimed to have broken out while being transported to the prison,[6][7] though in reality was released as part of a deal with Emperor Arcturus Mengsk.[8]

Prison BreakEdit

GabrielToshMissons SC2 Icon1

This article or section contains information from the optional Covert Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

During the war, Raynor's Raiders helped Gabriel Tosh to free prisoners from New Folsom. Specifically, he tried to free several imprisoned spectres, to help him in his goal of taking down Mengsk. Although the prison guards were tipped off by Nova, the prisoners were freed.[9]

Plot branch ends here

Notable InmatesEdit

Main article: New Folsom prison inmates


  • Folsom State Prison is a penitentiary in California, United States. It was one of the first maximum security prisons. Johnny Cash often performed concerts for criminals there, and even wrote a song called Folsom Prison Blues.
  • In the preview image, there is an easter egg of Jim Raynor and Zeratul in two prison cells.


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