The Second Zerg Overmind, also known as the new Overmind, the fledgling Overmind or simply the Overmind was the 'leader' of Daggoth's Renegade Swarm. It was created by merging several cerebrates on Char.



The death of the first Overmind caused a schism in the Swarm, with Sarah Kerrigan and Daggoth each coming to control half of it.[1] Daggoth ordered many cerebrates to merge on Char to create a new Overmind. This was partly motivated by the realization that the cerebrates were not designed to exist without an Overmind.[2] The nesting site was located near the Khalis crystal.[3] In its infancy the new Overmind could not exert control over the entire Swarm, and the cerebrates remained the primary nexus of control.[4] Kerrigan plotted to destroy it and ensure her independence.[5]

Recovery of the KhalisEdit

The protoss attacked the Overmind's nesting ground while recovering the Khalis. The attackers were accompanied by Kerrigan who took control of some of the local zerg to assist. The protoss recovered the crystal and withdrew without killing the Overmind.[3]

UED EnslavementEdit

The invasion of the Koprulu sector by the United Earth Directorate Expeditionary Force heralded further travails. In their bid to dominate the sector the UED sought to take control of the Overmind and, through it, the Swarm.[6] The activation of the psi disrupter disrupted zerg cohesion and left the Overmind vulnerable to attack. The invaders subdued the Overmind with powerful neurostim drugs[7] and powerful psychics. This effort was publicly known as Project "Black Flag".[8] The number of zerg the UED managed to conscript remained limited and Kerrigan later suspected the UED's control of the Overmind was imperfect.[9]

Struggle for ControlEdit

Overmind SC1 CineUEDVicReport1

The Overmind on Char

The Overmind's enslavement by the UED allowed Kerrigan to secure an alliance with Commander Jim Raynor, Fenix and Emperor Arcturus Mengsk, against the UED. Indirectly this would work toward her ultimate goal of destroying the Overmind and assuming control of the Swarm.[10][11][9] The UED plan began to unravel when the unlikely allies destroyed the psi disrupter, allowing Kerrigan to more effectively compete for control with the Overmind.[11]

With the UED's power waning after the liberation of Korhal, the UED launched an attack on Kerrigan's base of operations on Tarsonis. Here the difficulties the UED was having controlling the Overmind and the zerg was apparent. Tarsonis was too distant for the UED to control its zerg remotely and they were forced to dispatch "scientists" to coordinate the attacks on-site. The elimination of the scientists caused the UED to lose control of their zerg on Tarsonis.[12]

Slaying the BeastEdit

Kerrigan knew that to destroy the Overmind she needed the Dark Templar. She assured Dark Prelate Zeratul's assistance by kidnapping Matriarch Raszagal.[13] Kerrigan and the Dark Templar attacked the UED and Overmind on Char together. Zeratul personally slew the Overmind.[14] Kerrigan then eliminated the remaining opposing cerebrates and assumed control over the entire Swarm.[15]

Effect on the SwarmEdit

The death of the Overmind and Kerrigan's ascension altered the Swarm's structure. The remaining cerebrates did not survive long as they were never intended to exist without an Overmind.[2] Kerrigan effectively replaced the Overmind as a new supreme nexus but had no need for subordinate cerebrates.[2][16]


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