New Trinidad is an empty ash world located in the Koprulu Sector.


New Trinidad was orbited by an "impenetrable" space station held by the New Trinidad Pirates. Due to constant terran infighting and that the Terran Dominion was still recovering from the Brood War, it was impossible for terran authorities to create a standing army in the area strong enough to stop the pirates from raiding across the entire Koprulu Sector. However, the pirates went too far when they killed Jacqueline Angel, heir to Angel Shipping, by attacking the "empty" world with their siege tanks. The Terran Dominion and Angel Shipping hired mercenaries to put an end to the pirates, in which they succeeded.[1]


The world is named after features of the Alternity game system Star*Drive campaign setting by TSR. For instance, the Verge star system of Lucullus houses the world Penates, a former prison colony inhospitable to human life due to coldness and lack of heat; the population must live inside domed cities. The prisoners eventually revolted against their overseers, starting with a riot in the industrial city of Trinidad. The star system is plagued by many criminal organizations, some of whom are pirates.[2]


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