"Anyone else heard the guy inside here? 'Probes under attack.' I swear I've heard him say that..."
Nexus SC2-LotV Art1

A nexus

The nexus is the heart of a protoss base.


Nexus SC2-HotS Art1

A nexus

The nexus is a mammoth, pyramidal structure that looms over each and every protoss settlement. It serves as a psychic anchor, allowing the protoss to access the psionic matrix from even across the galaxy. The nexus also manufactures probes[1] and has a processing center for minerals and vespene gas.[2]

Khaydarin crystals are located within each nexus. They can be used as a defensive measure when the psionic matrix is supercharged by a mothership core. In turn, each nexus is linked to these cores through its khaydarin crystals, and can serve as a warp beacon to initiate recall.[3] A nexus can also produce a burst of energy that creates a chronal distortion field, briefly accelerating the production of a single structure.[2]

Game StructureEdit


The nexus serves as the hub of any protoss base. Unlike most other protoss buildings it can be warped in without a pylon. It constructs probes and serves as a processing center for minerals and vespene gas.

In StarCraft: Remastered, an "Aiur nexus" skin will be available for those who pre-order the game.[4]


  • +1 armor bonus to shields per level for all units and structures.
Purchased from Forge
Hotkey S
Level 1
Cost 200 Minerals Terran SC1 200 Gas Terran SC1 266Time SC2 Game1
Level 2
Cost 300 Minerals Terran SC1 300 Gas Terran SC1 298Time SC2 Game1
Required Cybernetics core
Level 3
Cost 400 Minerals Terran SC1 400 Gas Terran SC1 330Time SC2 Game1
Required Cybernetics core


Nexus SCR Game1

The nexus in StarCraft: Remastered

In the StarCraft beta, the stargate was originally known as the nexus.[5]

StarCraft IIEdit

The nexus remains much the same in terms of cost, appearance and function in StarCraft II. The protoss core macromanagement ability has been moved here.[6]

Chrono Boost gives the player the choice of affecting the nexus, gateway, stargate, robotics facility or boosting upgrades at other structures—almost any building in the protoss base can be an option.

In Patch 4.0, the nexus was given the mass recall ability, allowing it to teleport all of the players unit to a target nexus. This ability has a global 130 second cooldown across all nexii.

One additional attribute is that it can now warp in the mothership. Before patch 4.0, the nexus could warp in the mothership core, but this was removed with the unit.


ProtonCharge SC2 DevGame1
Chrono Boost

This ability increases the production speed of a structure by 50% for 20 seconds.

It has no effect on allied buildings and cannot be used on incomplete buildings.

Hotkey C
Cost 25 Energy Terran SC1
Duration 20Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 4Time SC2 Game1
MSCMassRecall LotV Game1
Mass Recall

Recalls all allied units in the target area (6.5 radius) to the Nexus.

The cooldown for this ability is global for all Nexuses. Does not share a cooldown with the mothership Strategic Recall ability.

Hotkey R
Cost 50 Energy Terran SC1
Duration 0.4Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 130 (global for all nexuses)Time SC2 Game1

Building UpgradesEdit

  • +1 armor to shields per level.
Purchased from Forge
Hotkey S
Level 1
Cost 150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 Gas Terran SC1 114Time SC2 Game1
Level 2
Cost 225 Minerals Terran SC1 225 Gas Terran SC1 136Time SC2 Game1
Required Twilight council
Level 3
Cost 300 Minerals Terran SC1 300 Gas Terran SC1 157Time SC2 Game1
Required Twilight council

Heart of the SwarmEdit

The mothership core is built from the nexus in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. The mothership is no longer produced from the nexus, instead being built from the mothership core.

PhotonOvercharge SC2 Icon1
Photon Overcharge

In Heart of the Swarm, the mothership core uses this ability on a nexus, which gains a photon cannon-like weapon. The weapon has range 13, targets air and ground and deals 20 damage. The weapon lasts 60 seconds and has its own cooldown of 1.25.

In Legacy of the Void, this ability is cast on pylons, dealing 30 damage[7] with a cooldown of .71 seconds.[8]

Hotkey F
Cost 100 (HotS)/50 (LotV)[8] Energy Terran SC1
Range 10 (HotS)[9]/7 (LotV)[7]
Duration 60 (HotS)/14 (LotV)[8]Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 20Time SC2 Game1
MSCMassRecall LotV Game1
Mass Recall

Teleports all units in an area 7[9] from a mothership core or mothership to a nexus. The ability is cast through a simple button click on a nexus.

Hotkey R
Cost 100 (HotS)/50 (LotV[10] Energy Terran SC1 2Time SC2 Game1


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Nexus SC2 DevRend1

Early nexus render

The nexus went through many small changes. As a primary structure, the scale was adjusted often, specifically the pyramid shape in the middle. The only significant overhaul was done with the intention of increasing the polycount on the curved surfaces around the structure.[11]

The chrono boost ability was briefly removed during the beta of Legacy of the Void.[7]

The nexus will undergo a redesign in an upcoming patch to account for the removal of the mothership core. Its chrono boost ability will be redesigned, it will gain the mass recall ability, and gain a shield boost ability. It will start with 50 energy as opposed to the current 0.[12]


Nexus SC2-LotV Cine1

Ruins of a nexus

  • A "nexus" is a term that refers to "a central or focal point," or "a connection or series of connections linking two or more things." This fits the nexus given its central role in the protoss tech tree.
  • The Nexus is the name of the primary setting of Heroes of the Storm. Its shared name with the protoss nexus is brought up by Jim Raynor in the game's original tutorial, though this has since been removed.



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