Niadra's Brood is a zerg brood led by a broodmother named Niadra. Niadra was created by Sarah Kerrigan to slay the protoss on the Daelaam Ark as it tried to escape Kaldir and warn the protoss of Shakuras of Kerrigan's actions. During the battle, Niadra damaged the ship's propulsion systems and eliminated the protoss.

Afterwards, Niadra lost contact with Kerrigan as the ship had gotten too far away, so Niadra settled her brood in the ruins of the ship, waiting for her return.[1]

Niadra never heard Kerrigan's voice again, but her purpose remained, so she took her brood to the terran planet Adena in order to lay a trap for terrans so that she could grow the brood for a confrontation with the protoss. They were greeted by renegade Terran Dominion forces seeking to salvage a jorium mining base. Niadra infested the sqaud's commander with a larva just as Kerrigan did with her on the Daelaam Ark, but this was destroyed by the Daelaam in orbit under Admiral Urun. Undeterred, Niadra turned her attention to a psionic among the terran's ranks named Elms, who she thought would help her brood grow.[2]


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