The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Nydus Worm SC2 Cncpt1

Nydus worm concept art

The nydus worm underwent several changes during development.

At one time allies could can enter another player's nydus network, but allied zerg networks could not be linked[1]

The overseer could create a nydus worm after a nydus network had been produced as of October 2008.[2] This ability cost energy.[3] The overseer lost the ability to make nydus worms as of March 2009.[4]

Zerg SC2 Cncpt2

Early incarnations of zerg strains, including what appears to be a nydus worm

In June 2008, the nydus worm was built directly from the nydus network, a point on the creep is selected (it could only emerge onto the creep)[5] and the nydus worm erupted.[6] By August 2009 it was produced from the network again.[7]

The nydus worm used to be a mobile worm unit with two modes, "stationary" and "mobile". There was a delay when it shifted from one mode to another.[8]

The nydus worm was visible without a detector while transporting units underground[9] and was capable of traversing gaps between space platforms.[10]

It has since become a stationary structure.[11]

Heart of the SwarmEdit

The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm which is no longer valid.

Blizzard planned on allowing players to produce different kinds of nydus worms. Examples include a worm that can spew creep across several screens to create a zerg assault highway as well and a worm that attacks only enemy buildings which are used as a ground based zerg base raider.[12]

As of September 2012 these new versions have yet to appear,[13] and were eventually canceled,[14] though variant strain data does exist in the game's beta files.[15]


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An older version of the nydus worm can be seen in action on VidJar; StarCraft 2 Savior Zerg VOD at the 4:23 mark (crossing a ledge) and at the 6:12 mark (changing forms).