O'Banon's mansion was a large structure located in Deadman's Port on Dead Man's Rock. It was owned and constructed by Scutter O'Banon, and was the size of several Terran Confederacy Old Family mansions. Within them were many commodities made to suit the criminals that worked for O'Banon, including live entertainment, gambling, and large expansive bedrooms with luxurious commodities.

During their time in O'Banon's employ, Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay stayed in this mansion. They considered it to be lavish and excessive, and much to Findlay's liking.[1]

After the reign of Scutter O'Banon ended, Mira Han took over O'Banon's mansion and his claim over Deadman's Port. During the Flashpoint Conflict, Jim Raynor returned to O'Banon's mansion, and stayed there as they took care of a wounded deinfested Sarah Kerrigan.[2]


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