O'Neill is a terran marine private in the Annihilators, serving in D Company. He is the Company's arm wrestling champion in its regular tournaments with B Company.


In the weeks leading up to the fall of the Confederacy, O'Neill was heavily involved in the war against the zerg, only to be recalled to Tarsonis to help recover a rogue telepath for the Ghost Program. Along with wrangler Malcolm Kelerchian, O'Neill and the rest of the unit were dispatched to the southwestern district of Tarsonis City. Due to orders from General Ledbetter, the plan was accelerated, O'Neill and the rest of D Company forming a perimeter around the headquarters of crime lord Fagin, in which the subject was located. O'Neill added further "security" to the situation by shooting a curious civilian who went beyond the perimeter, ensuring that the force could operate unhindered by those outside the target area.

The operation was a success, though in light of the fall of Tarsonis to the zerg, O'Neill found himself serving in the Dominion Marine Corps, though still retaining his place in the unit.


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