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Obi Minaya
ObiMinaya SC-GA2 Head1







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Ghost Program
Ghost Academy
Team Red (2501)
Team Purple

Obi Minaya is a ghost trainee.

A member of Team Red, he faced the rival Team Blue in a "live fire" training exercise. During the "battle", he ambushed Team Blue leader Gabriel Tosh, taking the opportunity to say he was sick of him as he beat him up. However, he was captured by Team Blue when a technopath used his ability on abandoned SCVs.

Afterward, he was told the two rival teams would combine for a mission away from the Ghost Academy.[1]

Upon the anniversary of the Fall of Tarsonis, Teams Red and Blue were combined into Team Purple under the leadership of Gabriel Tosh.

The team was sent on a training mission to The Baker's Dozen. The team made it back to the Ghost Academy with a quartet of Old Family heirs, but Emperor Arcturus Mengsk ordered them memory wiped. The ghosts were left with the belief that the mission had been canceled.[2]


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