Octavia Bren is a terran resident of Bhekar Ro and sister of Lars. She is strong-willed and an unregistered, untrained telepath, possessing psychic sensitivity and a degree of premonition.


Early LifeEdit

Octavia Bren's parents died from spore blight when she was fifteen. After burning the infected old farm she and her brother Lars started and managed a new farm and automated mines. At seventeen Octavia and Lars discovered a xel'naga artifact inside a mountain. It had been uncovered during one of the planet's frequent violent storms. The pair investigated, Lars thrilled at the prospect of discovery and the possibility of trading the ancient baubles with the Confederacy for goods and services. Once inside however, Lars touched a crystal nodule protruding from the crystalline walls and was absorbed by the artifact. Even as Octavia Bren fled the artifact awoke and emitted a great psionic signal into space, bringing together the forces that would fight the Battle of Bhekar Ro.

Bren brought news of the artifact to Free Haven and helped to galvanize the colonists to action when an observer was shot down by the town's missile turret. She was also the first to warn the colony of the Kukulkan Brood's arrival after encountering an infested Rastin and Old Blue.

The Battle of Bhekar Ro and AftermathEdit

Octavia Bren was instrumental in holding off the zerg attack on Free Haven. She manually targeted the missile turret against ground targets and then used a robo-harvester to run down more attackers. Finally she used the harvester's flamethrowers to detonate the town's vespene gas tanks which finished off the zerg's second wave. The third wave was met by Alpha Squadron reinforcements. Helping tend to wounded colonists in the aftermath, she was less than impressed by General Edmund Duke's unconcerned, even callous, attitude toward the colony.

With the town safe, Bren was telepathically summoned by Xerana, a Dark Templar scholar. Xerana wished to convey a warning to the terrans, and General Duke, via Bren concerning the nature of the artifact. Her warnings, and objections to the nuclear strike on the artifact, were ignored by Duke. Ironically the nuclear strike ultimately worked in Bren's favor. The energy from the warheads were absorbed by the artifact. With that energy it gave birth to the energy creature. The creature absorbed all of the protoss and zerg and reconstituted unharmed all of the terrans previously absorbed, Lars included, before leaving the planet.

Octavia Bren became the subject of romantic attention from Lieutenant Scott.


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