The following section contains information from StarCraft Beta that is ambiguously canonical.

Oong was a protoss high templar historian[1] who witnessed the zerg attacks on the Koprulu Sector.

He reported to the Elders or Wise Ones (presumably the Conclave) these creatures, resembling those found in ancient histories recounting the last days of the xel'naga, sought to destroy the protoss.

He requested 5000 Templars to assist his investigation and fend off uncooperative terrans.

He was sent on the expedition.[2]


Considering the storyline changes from other information from the era, such as details of the xel'naga's "last days" gleaned from the Overmind[3] and Tassadar's status as leader of the Expeditionary Force,[4] Oong's status is probably non-canon.


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