Orin was a large sergeant in the Military Security Service.

He had brown skin, piercing blue eyes, and spoke with a deep resonant voice.[1]


During the Guild Wars he was given the task (along with the shorter Sergeant Corly) of determining whether Old Family heir Ark Bennet had been kidnapped and pressed into the military under the name Ryk Kydd.

He and Corly met "Kydd" shortly after the Battle of KIC-36, a poorly-chosen moment as Kydd's platoon had lost half its membership there. When they "invited" Kydd to a talk, the platoon's commander, Sergeant Tychus Findlay, intervened. Orin told him that Military Security Service personnel also fought on the frontline, and threatened Findlay with disciplinary action. Kydd, knowing they were both armed, defused the tension and Corly and Orin took him to the command center.

While there they questioned him on a claim he had made previously, when he told Major Lionel Macaby that he was really Ark Bennet. Kydd didn't deny this, but said he had lied. Corly admitted that Kydd didn't resemble Bennet much, but his retinal scan was a perfect match. Kydd insisted on remaining with the Confederate Marine Corps, however. Orin said he was a credit to the Corps, and pointed out that Kydd was set to receive a medal for his combat skills. They agreed to allow Kydd to remain in his new life.[1]


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