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"Our old mercenary associate Colonel Orlan is an expert in Confederate code decryption. He's not very trustworthy, but he's our best bet of breaking that encryption."
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Computer programmer
Prisoner (formerly)

Real Life
Voice Actor

Adam Bitterman[1]

Colonel Orlan was the leader of Orlan's Mercenaries.


Orlan was known as an expert in decrypting Confederate systems. By the Second Great War he had been based at Deadman's Port from some time and had previous business with Raynor's Raiders, who did not regard him as trustworthy.[2]


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This article or section contains information from the optional Rebellion Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Main article: Cutthroat

During the war, the Raiders acquired Adjutant 23-46 and hired Orlan to decrypt it. Orlan decided to sell it to the Terran Dominion. He tentatively hired Mira's Mercs to prevent the rebels from interfering. However, Mira Han resold her services to Commander Jim Raynor when he paid her outfit's hiring fee before Orlan. After a failed attempt to nuke the attackers, his base was destroyed. Orlan was forced to give the adjutant back to the Raiders.

Despite the betrayal, Raynor decided not to kill Orlan, as the mercenary's skills were useful. Mira Han agreed to keep an eye on Orlan for Raynor.[2]

With Friends Like These...Edit

Later, after Raynor was captured by the Dominion, Captain Matt Horner and Sarah Kerrigan joined forces to rescue him. However, in order to locate Raynor, they needed to retrieve Orlan from Mira Han so that he could hack the Dominion's network. When Han refused to hand over Orlan due to her previous agreement with Raynor (despite the fact that Raynor was imprisoned), Horner had the Hyperion attack her base and forced her to give up Orlan. En route to the Hyperion in a shuttle, Orlan initially refused to help the Raiders, but quickly changed his mind when Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk threatened to hand him back to Han.[3]

Orlan hacked the Dominion network and found out where they were holding Raynor.[4][5]


Orlan wears the old Alpha Squadron insignia, as well as a Confederate flag on his shoulderpad.

Orlan's portrait is the reward for the Insane FFA achievement.


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