Outpost 38-BC-16 is a ficitionalized Terran Dominion military outpost used as a front for Dominion Intelligence Section. According to transmissions, manned by the 502nd Regiment that was mentioned in a formal complaint by Quartermaster Hadar to Major Lance Wallace. In this complaint, the quartermaster. This complaint detailed how the shipment of ammunition due on the 4th of the previous month was nine weeks late. The base's Sergeant Paulson attempted to make use of the reserves at the base, but a wasted training session by Private Jenkins expended 71% of their remaining stock. The outposts moral was in decline, and while shipments continued to the outpost the men continued to express displeasure with the degrading quality of the Dominion Marine Corps issued MREs.

The staff at Radio Liberty confirmed this base did not actually exist, and that the message was a cover for a secret Dominion Intelligence Section message that stated "ACQUIRE INTEL."[1]

Known StaffEdit


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