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Echoes of the Future

Wings of Liberty




Former Overmind's nest site, Aiur


Zeratul learned about why Kerrigan must live no matter the cost


ProtossLogo SC2 Art1a Zeratul's Warband

Zerg SC2 Icon Zerg Swarm


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AiurBrood SC2 Decal1 Aiur Brood





  • Connect with one the tendrils of the Overmind
  • Zeratul must survive


Echoes of the Future is a mission in the protoss mini-campaign in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. It is told as a flashback, with Jim Raynor viewing Zeratul's actions.

Zeratul visited the corpse of the Overmind in Aiur in order to gain access to its memories.[1]



Since the prophecy found on Ulaan[2] mentioned the Overmind,[3] Zeratul departed to Aiur to the creature's death site in order to gain access to its memories. To do so, Zeratul had to make contact with four of the Overmind's tendrils.[1]

The Mission

TassadarEternal SC2 Head1
The spirit of Tassadar
Andra2404Added by Andra2404

Zeratul was unable to connect with any of the tendrils. He was confused to experience feelings of death, fear, and joy, at the tendrils. The prelate moved to the Overmind's cortex and met Tassadar's spirit. Tassadar explained the Overmind's motivations during the Great War and revealed its apocalyptic vision of the future where the Dark Voice and the hybrids were victorious.[1]


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Gameplay & Video Walkthrough

Rapidly build up probes, then quickly take the expansion located at the Overmind's first tendril. This should ensure that resources never run scarce. Building several warpgates can greatly speed up the mission, and resources are generous, at least for a short while. It is possible to access all four of the Overmind's tendrils by going either clockwise or counter clockwise around the map. There are two protoss obelisks to power with pylons (research options), one of which is next to the tendril closest to the starting location, and one farther to the north, closer to the second tendril. There is a (unpowered) robotics facility in the south-eastern corner of the map, and another near the second obelisk and a warp gate. The zerg periodically attack the starting base via nydus worms. Initially, they only attack from the north and east, but eventually they start attacking from the west, as well. Surround the base with photon cannons to buy it more time for additional forces to return. With the power of several warp gates and the abundant resources, the protoss should have no problem maintaining a large army.

Echoes of the Future Starcraft II Brutal Mode Walkthrough (HD - Max Settings)(18:08)
Brutal Mode Walkthrough
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EchoesOfTheFuture SC2 Icon1 Echoes of the Future

15 (Prophecy Mission) Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete all mission objectives

ArmyOfOne SC2 Icon1 Army of One

10 (Prophecy Mission) Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete the mission with Zeratul killing 50 zerg units on Normal difficulty


Use Zeratul to clear out the infested terran outpost east of the starting base. It has no detectors, although the actual zerg base behind it does. Zeratul may also patrol the corridors to the base when an attack wave is imminent.

OvermindDeadBody SC2 Icon1 Overmind Dead Body

10 (Prophecy Mission) Achievement SC2 Game1


Complete the mission on Hard difficulty in less than 20 minutes.


Attack the zerg outpost to the northeast plateau early and reactivate the warp gate to gain reinforcements; the gate is expendable afterwards. Defend against attack waves with photon cannons and colossi. Attacking clockwise around the map presents more warp gate opportunities. Convert all gateways to warp gates and use warp-in to bring reinforcements closer to the front; use a probe to build pylons to facilitate this.

Zeratul becomes invulnerable when he reaches a beacon, and his health and shields are fully restored. Sneak Zeratul onto a beacon while the remaining forces engage, then blink him out once control is regained. This is useful in the eastern base.


Infested Raynor's Raiders?

This article or section includes speculation, unsubstantiated rumors or opinion, and should not be taken as representing canon!

While the zerg forces utilize the AiurBrood SC2 Decal1 Aiur Brood decal, the infested terran buildings to the east are marked with RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Raynor's Raiders' insignia. This could be an overlook on Blizzard's part, but it is also possible that a few of Raynor's men were infested during the battle with the Overmind, survived (or were unaffected by) the conflict of the United Earth Directorate's Raid on Aiur operation during the Brood War, and later became part of the Aiur Brood.


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