The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Overseer SC2 Rend1

The development of the overseer

The overseer was developed for StarCraft II as the universal overlord detection in StarCraft I made the zerg "detectorific". As such, the overlord/overseer split makes cloaking more useful to a zerg's opponent.[1]

Overseers used to have similar special abilities as the overlord, but those were removed.[2]

  • Excrete Creep[3]
    • The overseer can create a small patch of creep,[4] the radius steadily expanding as long as it remains stationary.[1][5] This ability is researched at the evolution chamber.[6]
  • Slime (also known as "Corrupt Minerals")[7]
    • The overseer can drop a non-attacking slime creature,[5] temporarily disabling resource nodes and xel'naga towers.[4][8] The slime can be attacked and removed by other forces.[1] The minerals can be covered as they're being harvested, enabling raids which slow down an enemy's economy. The creature must be killed before the minerals can be accessed.[5]
    • This ability took time to "cast" and had a small cooldown timer.[5]

The overseer could create a nydus worm after a nydus network had been produced as of October 2008.[9] This ability cost energy.[10] The overseer lost the ability to make nydus worms as of March 2009.[11]

Spore Cloud

The overseer can create a Spore Cloud, which covers an area, blocking line of sight for a period of time. Units above the fog can see over and into it.[12]

Cost 50[12] Energy Terran SC1
Create Nydus Worm

The overseer can create a nydus worm on a patch of creep.[13]


Removed as of August 2009.[14]

Acid Spores[15]

The overseer can create acid spores, which increases damage taken by enemy units[14][16] by 5.[17]

Duration 30[17]Time SC2 Game1

Beta DevelopmentEdit

Summons an infested swarm egg, from which hatches an infested terran.

The infestor can use this ability while burrowed.

Hotkey T
Cost 25 Energy Terran SC1
Range 7
Duration 21Time SC2 Game1

Heart of the Swarm DevelopmentEdit

In the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm campaign's development, changelings can be spawned from "siege" range.[18]

The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm which is no longer valid.

Overseers were to be removed from Heart of the Swarm multiplayer,[19] due to their very limited role and lack of artistic distinction from the overlord.[20] Its role would have been taken by the viper.[21] However, the overseer returned, and the viper was made into a pure spellcaster while Blizzard examined how to make the overseer's abilities more interesting.[22]


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