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Reaper SC2 Art2

A reaper dual wielding P-45s

The P-45 Scythe is a terran gauss pistol. It has a high rate of fire and is a signature weapon of reapers.[1]

The weapon is sometimes used as a sidearm by marines. It is sometimes equipped with a laser sight.[2]

The P-45 can chamber two types of ammunition—hollow point rounds for close quarters, or U-238 rounds for longer range and penetration. Older variants used supercharged coils to achieve higher muzzle velocities, resulting in grievous wounds to unarmored targets at the expense of fast barrel degradation and weapon malfunctions. To address these costly issues, the P-45 coils were redesigned, taking away some of the gun’s bite.[3]


In StarCraft II it was replaced by the P-38 pistol, also referred to as the "Scythe".[4] The Death Head reapers use the P-55 "Scythe" pistol.[5]


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