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This page is a StarCraft Wiki Policy.

The shortcut link for this page is POL:SPEC.

The StarCraft Wiki is primarily concerned with the recording and collation of canon information. Given the overall lack of knowledge about the universe speculation is inevitable but should not be recorded on the wiki. Speculation may come from a few sources.

One source is conclusions derived from non-canon assumptions.

1. The StarCraft Wiki is not the place to record or discuss non-canon conclusions.

Another source of speculation are conclusions derived from Canon factoids which are in dispute. For example, irreconcilable conflicts in opinion between two StarCraft products would be cause for a disputed fact.

2. These conflicts should be recorded and given context in the out-of-universe sections of articles. If possible in-universe sections should make general statements that give no preference to the disputed options.

Unknowns are the ultimate source of speculation. The number of things known about the StarCraft Universe are vastly outnumbered by the things that are not known. For example, many characters and organizations have large "gaps" in their histories as they have yet to be elucidated upon in StarCraft products.

3. Articles should not note where the out-of-universe knowledge is lacking. This is to avoid judging which unknowns are more important, and to make a more coherent article-writing strategy. As a general rule, invest time and energy into recording everything known, and invest none into noting the things that are not known. Another way of looking at it is that concentrating on the things known saves time and energy since there are fewer of them.