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The Paddick River was a river on Turaxis II. It flowed westward into the planet's only ocean.

The Paddick split the large canal city of Polk's Pride into a northern and southern half, where it was spanned by seven bridges referred to as the "Seven Sisters". During the Guild Wars the Terran Confederacy and Kel-Morian Combine vied for control of the city, with the Confederacy holding the southern portion while the Kel-Morians held the north. The Kel-Morians destroyed the river, enabling the river to act as a major barrier to Confederate movements against the north, helping defeat two of the three incursions.

However, the river level dropped, enabling Confederate colonel Javier Vanderspool's goliaths to ford the river while carrying pontoon bridge pieces. The Confederates crossed the river and after a hard fight captured the entire city.[1]


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