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Old Families
Calabas Family

The Padraig was a yacht owned by the Calabas Family.

In January 2500, the Padraig was used to take Old Family children to a resort on Tyrador IX in an effort to keep them safe from rebel and/or alien attacks. Despite the disappearance of November Terra, the children arrived safely on the yacht via puddle-jumper and the journey to Tyrador IX began.[1]

As a result of the Fall of Tarsonis, the Padraig transported the Old Family scions to Shi, the fourth planet in The Baker's Dozen. Shi was mysteriously abandoned, but the crew had clearance to land, and the mining facilities could be lived in. The Padraig would spend several months in orbit.

The planet was infested by the zerg, however, and as the scions and security personnel fell, the Padraig fled without making any attempt to rescue them.[2]


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