"What's wrong with the Palatine Forum? Granted, it's old, but it's got character and tradition behind it."

- Angus Mengsk comparing the forum to its intended replacement.(src)

The Palatine Forum was the political center of Styrling, Korhal, and the home of the Korhal Senate. Lying across from the Martial Field, connected to it by the Senators' Parade, the forum was a gleaming white building with a bronze roof which shone molten gold in sunlight. The interior of the forum was decorated with murals hanging on alabaster walls depicting Korhal's past, gray marble wainscotting running along the walls in a regular pattern. As the wall rose towards the dome, it was faced with gray rectangular patterns with golden lettering, outlining the constitutional tenets under which Korhal would be governed. The floor mostly consisted of black marble interwoven with gold and tall columns. At the center of the chamber the floor was paved with panels of opus sectile, in which porphyry and serpentine featured prominently.

Tradition dictated that only senators enter the forum from the main door (situated opposite the Confederate flag and senior consul's plinth) while onlookers watched proceedings from the above viewing gallery. Sessions began at the behest of the master of ceremonies, tapping his bronze-tipped staff on the floor

It was due to be replaced by the Korhal Assembly Forum, but that turned out to be a political scam which was eventually canceled.


A "palatine" (or "palatius") is a high-level official attached to imperial or royal courts in Europe since Roman times.


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