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Pamela Foster
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Chemical Engineer, Explosives Expert

Pamela G. Foster is a chemical engineer and explosives expert at Project Blackstone. She is polite to Adjutant 33-27_V3.1974.

She noted her datapad kept sending her "unauthorized user" messages and notified the adjutant of this.

Red Quinton wanted to work "closely" with her on new widow mine designs, but she dismissed him for being from the backwoods.

Still bothered by her datapad, she got Dr. Daniel Rothfuss to fix it for her.

When Warren Held released a swarm of zerglings in the facility, Pamela Foster helped with the defend the scientists from the swarm. After Red Quinton sacrificed himself to kill the zerglings, Foster helped the scientists confront Held, only to find him already killed by the last surviving protoss prisoner.

Treicher and the other survivors were rescued by a Dominion force led by Valerian Mengsk, now emperor of the Terran Dominion. He offered them a place on the Brin, a science vessel on which Project Blackstone would be continued.

ReferencesEdit Project Blackstone Tweets]. Cameron Dayton's Twitter, accessed on 2013-05-20

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