Paradise is a settlement of the world of Dead Man's Rock. In a sense, the name is a misnomer, as consisting of prefabricated buildings and houses constructed of hulls of starships in the interior of the settlement, and numerous shanties on the outskirts, the town is anything but. In truth, the term refers to the place one might go to if they do or say the wrong thing there. Given that life in Paradise was filled with firearms and drugs, it remained a distinct possibility.[1]

Criminals there have a rivalry with those of Deadman's Port. It was controlled by Ethan Stewart[2] up until his death, when it was taken over by Mira Han.

During the Flashpoint Conflict, the area became a haven for Raynor's Raiders and the Dominion renegades as they attempted to take a deinfested Sarah Kerrigan away from the pursuing Terran Dominion fleet. However, a betrayal in Mira's and Raynor's ranks lead the Dominion to their world, and the Raiders were forced to fight their way out of Paradise while Mira fought the Dominion and the traitors in her own ranks.[3]


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