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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

You might be looking for the parasite, created by the queen

Parasite is a StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty custom map. It was created by Mindful and released 27 July 2010. The map was based on ideas dating back to StarCraft; the most immediate influence was "Parasite 2", a custom map for Warcraft III by DarkShoGun.


Players are crew members aboard a civilian mining station. One player is secretly chosen at random to be the Parasite. Uninfected players must learn the identity of the infected player and kill him, while avoiding killing uninfected players. The Parasite aims to kill everyone else.

Starting positions are randomized.


All players choose a class. The Parasite uses his class as cover when in human form. The non-Parasite players must eat every five minutes, and start with a limited amount; they deal 25% less damage if they run out of food. Food spawns in the garden every four minutes. Once

  • Engineer - Defensive, spawns supporting devices.
  • Cook - Offensive, has control abilities.
  • Janitor - Heavy defensive, may lock/unlock doors, immunity to Power Core radiation with the Hazmat Suit ability.
  • Biologist - Support, defensive and offensive support abilities.


The Parasite is randomly chosen. The Parasite may switch between human and alien form before evolving to tier 3; human form is the Parasite's chosen human class.

The Alien Hive building may be used by the Parasite from anywhere on the map. The Parasite does not eat, but may grab food anyway to fool other players.


The Parasite's alien form is upgraded by progressing through three evolution tiers. Tiers are unlocked by spending the requisite number of Evolution Points; Evolution Points accrue automatically over time.

At each tier, the Parasite chooses one of three attributes: Lethality (damage), Endurance (durability), or Cunning (deception). Attributes accumulate between tiers, and the combination of attributes determines which alien form the Parasite morphs into.

Tier 1 has three forms, tier 2 has six forms, and tier 3 has seven forms.

The human form may not be used at tier 3.


Players killed by the Parasite while in alien form are converted into Alien Spawn. Spawn are Parasite allies, sharing the same goal, and able to communicate with the Parasite through allied chat. Spawn may also transform between human and alien form. Spawn must still eat food.

The Parasite may kill any Spawn from the Alien Hive, in case the Spawn betrays the Parasite.

Players killed by the Parasite in human form or through other weapons (such as items) are killed permanently and are not converted.


Buildings are strategic points around the map. Some buildings may be sabotaged by damaging them; some start sabotaged. Sabotaged buildings may be repaired with a Repair Kit from a Supply Station, or will fix themselves after a period.

  • Gene Analyzer - Examines players to determined whether they are infected; does not self-repair from initial sabotaged state.
  • Supply Stations - Spawns items (health, building repair, etc.), some items have a spawn cooldown period; players may carry four items.
  • Power Generator - Can be turned off by the parasite to disable other buildings, and shut off lights reducing non-alien sight range; radiation field damages nearby aliens.
  • Teleports - Instant movement from one teleporter to another; has a cooldown period.
  • Shuttle Docks - Launches shuttles that may attack the stationor travel to the planet; destroying the station kills everyone on board.
  • Alien Hive - Allows the Parasite to terminate Spawns, create exploding Blighters, turn off the power, and place infestations.
  • Station Control - Allows the station to fight attacking shuttles and the ability to land the station on the planet.
  • Security Center - Pings location of players in human form, or players in alien form.
  • Garden - Spawns food.
  • Trash Chute - Alternative way around the whole station.

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