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Firebat SC-G Cine1

Twin Perdition flamethrowers

The Perdition is a terran flamethrower. The combusto-plasma fuel[1] is stored in containment fields but pose an explosive hazard if the fields are breached violently.[2]

The Perdition was the standard issue weapon of Koprulu Sector firebats by the late 2490's.[3][4][5]

The plasma fuel easily seeped between gaps in zerg armor. Smaller strains literally were cooked alive in their own skin.[1]

Scavenged flamethrowers were used for automated Perdition turret defenses.[6]

The Devil Dogs used an enhanced version of the weapon named the firestorm flamethrower.[7]

StarCraft: Ghost StatisticsEdit

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Portable version of the flamethrower

Modes Spray
Range 25m
Reload 3.8s
Ammo Plasma[8]


The United Earth Directorate's firebats used the C-140 flamethrower instead.[9]


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