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Spectre SC2 Cncpt1

A spectre (de)cloaking

Personal cloaking devices are psionically powered pieces of terran technology that enable ghosts and spectres to cloak. Activated by effort of will,[1] they are built into hostile environment suits.[2]


In use by 2489,[3] the personal cloaking device is based on the stealth technology used by Wraith fighters[2] To function it must be used in conjunction with the hostile environment suit rather than something more basic,[4] as it relies on the circuitry of the hostile environment suit to go into "stealth mode."[5] It works in conjunction with the suit, which contains synthetic cells on its outermost layer that refract light.[6] However, installment is not mandatory and are available only by request.[1] The Terran Dominion does not grant its ghost agents such devices until they have completed their graduation mission.[5] In 2501 a Dominion training team was issued with the devices, but they were intended to be controlled by their preceptor and not the trainees themselves.[7]

Cloaking SC2 CineNova1

A ghost cloaking

Upon activation of the device, a ghost is rendered almost completely invisible. A faint ripple through the air is faintly observable by the naked eye as a ghost moves if one is looking hard enough and knows what to look for, but suffice to say, few targets know what to look for until it's too late.[8]

In addition to functional advantages, the ability to cloak has given the ghosts a psychological edge over their enemies, specifically a reputation of fear.[2][9] Shimmering with visible energy upon deactivation,[10] a moebius reactor can increase the full amount of stored energy for the device.[2] In addition, the Kimeran Pirates developed an even longer lasting reactor.[11]

Cloaking SC2 CineBetterTomorrow1

A spectre cloaking

The personal cloaking device also gives the ghost a psychological 'fear effect' over their enemies,[2] cultivated (and perhaps exaggerated) by the Dominion amongst its citizens.[9] However, the advantages of the personal cloaking device can be rendered null by specialized sensory equipment[1] (or specialized strains such as the overlord in the case of the zerg).[2] In addition, its effectiveness is reduced if viscous substances such as fire suppressant adhere to the hostile environment suit. However, while a human form is made visible as a result, the ghost itself is still invisible for all intents and purposes.[12]


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