Senior Investigator Peter Wells (callsign Williams) was a Terran Dominion intelligence agent.

His cover was that of Major Lance Williams, a Dominion Marine Corps officer. He was sent a message disguised as a grievance sent by Quartermaster Hadar, who was the cover for Decetive Jerys Hart, that the due shipment of ammunition to Outpost 38-BC-16 was nine weeks late. The reserves of ammunition at the base were down 71% to a wasted training exercise by Private Jenkins. In addition, he complained that the degrading quality of the MREs being shipped to their base was causing low morale, and that the base was considering using them as reserve ammunition. When decrypted, this revealed a message that stated "ACQUIRE INTEL."[1]

He was assigned to gather intelligence on a Defenders of Man installation, but stopped responding. Radio Liberty listeners managed to access the Defenders of Man's database, and uncovered that he had been killed in active duty.[2] Security footage showed that it was Agent Nova Terra who killed him.[3]


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