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The following article contains information about a StarCraft II unit or structure that was canceled.

Phase Cannon
PhaseCannon SC2 Dev1



Static defense


150[1] Minerals Terran SC1





Hit points




The phase cannon was a protoss-designed turret.


During the development of StarCraft II the phase cannon initially was the photon cannon's replacement. It was also a detector.[1] Later the phase cannon was discarded when the photon cannon was brought back.[3]

The phase cannon could transform into an energy form and move within the powered radius of a pylon or warp prism. The transformation took three seconds[4] and had hotkey E.[4]It could not attack while in energy form, and had to transform back to fire. If the power was disrupted while it was in energy form, the cannon would be unable to transform back.[5] It lost that ability before finally being removed altogether.[6] Prior to this, testing had demonstrated that when paired with protoss units in offensives due to its ability to relocate, it could be part of an unstoppable combination. The concept of mobile defenses was later ported to the spine and spore crawlers.[7]


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