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KelMorianCombine SC2 Logo1 Kel-Morian Combine (formerly)
Players' Club


Supervising engineer (alias)

Philbin Gonsales is a terran pirate.


Disgruntled with the long hours and meager pay provided by the Kel-Morian Combine, Gonsales joined the Players' Club, an anti-Combine pirate band.

Gonsales planned an attack on the asteroid colony of Chanuk with the group's leader, Trevor Jacobs. Along with fellow members Park and Shoberg, Gonsales established himself as a supervising engineer, claiming that he had forsaken all ties with Jacobs. This was a lie, and the trio acquired a number of explosive devices and set them in Deep Core 6. Gonsales then ordered all access to the shaft to be backfilled—a standard practice in order to preserve the core's integrity, but would also make getting to the explosives difficult. The explosive effect would be enough to destroy the asteroid and all who dwelt on it. Having sabotaged the asteroid's transports, there would be no escape for the Morians that Gonsales despised.

When his actions came to light, Gonsales was nowhere to be found.[1]


He may be named after Blizzard Entertainment artist Phill Gonzales.[2]


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