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"I'm Phillip Randall. I'll be your steward for the duration of your visit."

- Randall introduces himself to Jake Ramsey(src)

Phillip Randall was a man in his mid-sixties in 2503. He was a valet of crime lords Scutter O'Banon[1] and later Ethan Stewart. However, this was a ruse: his real task was being an assassin.[2]

He had a poor sense of humor[1] and was mentally sharp.[2] In spite of his role as a butler being a ruse, Randall was maticulous in his ability to maintain O'Banon's mansion,[1] and a very high quality chef.[3]


Randall was a skilled assassin, which he had been since at least the age of 25. Randall was an extremely experienced martial artist.[2]

Randall served Scutter O'Banon in Deadman's Port, posing as a valet. For a time criminal duo Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay stayed at O'Banon's compound. Findlay noticed how closed-mouthed he was.[1]

He later served Ethan Stewart in Paradise. While a competent valet, he was hired mainly for his skills as an assassin. He carried darts drugged with knock-out poison, which he threw as an initial attack. He also wore a psi-screen provided by Stewart. However, he was capable of playing the role of a dutiful servant, serving Jake Ramsey and Stewart's girlfriend Rosemary Dahl when they arrived at Dead Man's Rock, seeking Stewart's aid in hiding from the Dominion. Ramsey was carrying the consciousness of a protoss preserver, Zamara, in his head, and her knowledge was valuable to the Terran Dominion and other factions. Ramsey was trying to keep her presence a secret. Stewart was in the Dominion's pocket, forcing them to escape, requiring Stewart to get them through to his hanger.

Randall realized that Dahl had kidnapped Stewart and tried to stop her. He found himself fighting Ramsey and was surprised at the latter's martial arts expertise (it was, in fact, Zamara fighting using Ramsey's body). However Randall was still winning, forcing Zamara to use a strange psychic attack to strike and kill him.[2]


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