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"Hell, and thought we wuz gonna play poker with 'em."

Poker is a card game from Earth commonly enjoyed by terrans of the Koprulu sector.

Poker comes in many different variations, but the basic premise remains unchanged from its old Earth roots. It is a common method of gambling, and a common method of entertainment among marines, especially those who cannot take leave due to their criminal records.[1] Poker hands are also a common way marine squadrons decide which of them will do undesirable, risky, or potentially life threatening tasks.[2]

Poker is also enjoyed by the criminal underworld of the Koprulu sector. Captain Matt Horner won Mira Han as a wife in a game of poker, though he did not know that she was the prize he was competing for.[3][4] Mira Han meanwhile once won a fleet of liberators in a dramatic game of poker, but lost them to a rival mercenary not long after.[5]


At BlizzCon 2009, a real world StarCraft II Poker Set was released, made to look like a Terran Dominion poker set used by the Raynor's Raiders.[6]


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