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Praetor decal

Praetor is a protoss rank of high standing and prestige. A coveted rank, Artanis became the youngest praetor in protoss history at the age of 262.[1]

As a rank, praetor features as part of the command structure of the Templar Caste, though the Ara Tribe of the Judicator Caste maintained the Conclave Praetor Guard.[2]

Praetor appears equivalent to the Dark Templar rank of prelate, and is sometimes used as a synonym for the latter rank.[2][3][4][5]

Even after the fall of the Conclave, praetors who served as military leaders pledged loyalty to the Daelaam.[6]

Known PraetorsEdit


Praetor Fenix was referred to as "Steward of the Templar."[8] It is unclear whether this is a separate rank or an honorific.


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