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Procyon Industries

Arms manufacturer




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  Procyon Industries is a terran organization based in the Koprulu Sector.

During the Guild Wars, it developed the Thunderstrike armor, but that was canceled due to reliability issues.[1]

Following the Brood War, it was employed by the Terran Dominion to design the AH/G-24 Banshee.[2] It won the contract to provide the G-226 medical transport's laser scalpels and auto-sutures by being the lowest bidder. The accuracy and precision of these tools were questioned by the troops.[3]

AdvancedHealing SC2 Icon1
Advanced Healing AI

Medivacs can heal two targets at once.

This new healing AI enables the medivac to acquire and heal two targets simultaneously, allowing the medivac to expend its energy faster keeping troops alive and in fighting condition. Never again will you be saddened by the sight of a squad of dead marines and a live medivac with half its energy reserves.[4]

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion armory for $115,000

Known EmployeesEdit


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