Various pieces of proposed fiction exist in regards to the StarCraft universe. However, there is no guarantee that Blizzard Entertainment will have them printed. In addition, a number of works have been canceled.


  • A StarCraft MMO has been discussed by various sources, but remains hypothetical.
  • Rob Pardo has commented that a StarCraft collectible card game could be created if Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is successful. A StarCraft version would be designed differently due to the differences between the franchises.[1]


For the forseeable future, novels will remain the de facto method of Blizzard creating expanded universe material (as of 2011)[2]



  • Writer and journalist Matthew W. Quinn had a plan for an interquel novel to take place between Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. He wrote a query and a long and a short synopsis, and e-mailed William C. Dietz to see if he could get his 'foot in the door.' However, Deitz pointed out that it is Blizzard's M.O. to contact authors rather than it being the other way round, not to mention that unsolicited manuscripts aren't accepted. Trailers release for Heart of the Swarm shot the idea down also.[6]
    • Of the novel in question, one of Quinn's scenarios was that Raynor and Kerrigan broke into the Ghost Academy and rescued John Raynor.[6]

Comics and MangaEdit


  • Blizzard intends to create motion comics at some point in the future.[2]


  • Jeremy Ross of Tokyopop commented that they would like to make a graphic novel from the point of view of the zerg, which would be challenging.[9] However, this will not come to fruition.[10]
  • As of May 2009, DeCandido has two possible stories for the StarCraft: Frontline series.[11] It is unknown whether they will be included in the series.[12] However, as Tokyopop StarCraft works have ceased,[13] these are unlikely to be published.


  • A movie have been proposed numerous times, but remains hypothetical.



  • If given a timeframe to choose from, writer Christie Golden would like to flesh out more protoss history.[19] She has also expressed interest in writing a short story from a zerg's point of view.[20]
  • A StarCraft TV series is under consideration by Activision-Blizzard Studios.[21]


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