Orders of BattleEdit

Expect the opposing Terran to be utilizing the Terran vs. Protoss orders.

Early GameEdit

Common Strategies

Goon Break - 10/15 rushEdit

Rushing to dragoons and dragoon range in order to outrange the marine, break any building block, and hopefully pick off the tank. 10/15 refers to the build order: Gateway at 10 probes, assimilator, cybernetics core, then a second gateway at 15 probes along with a dragoon. Then a pylon and dragoon range on 17.[1] This rush is particularly successful on maps like Medusa.
To counter, a building block at your ramp is key. Tanks, using their longer range and ability to get repaired. Quickly reaching siege mode is the permanent counter to a few dragoons.

Rare Strategies

1 Zealot rush Edit

This strategy works particularly well if you are able to steal the terran's gas. Counters Building placement makes it easy to counter. A building block completely defeats this rush with a marine or a repairing SCV. Alternatively, marines can move between buildings that zealots can not, say a command center and barracks side by side, so you can exploit their longer range to pick off the zealots before they do much damage.

2 gate Zealot rushEdit

Counters A building block on a ramp completely defeats this rush with marines and repairing SCVs. Alternatively, vultures with some micro, or equivalent MnM are good, easy counters.

Mid GameEdit

Common Strategies

Goon Zealot massEdit

Reaver dropEdit

To defeat sieged tanks, Hotkey your reaver, drop, then hit the hotkey #, build another scarab, and rightclick your shuttle and move on.

Bulldog RushEdit

Early Zealot bombs inside of a shuttle distract tanks while 6 or so goons try and break the Terran's line. Particularly good against cliffs.

Rare Strategies

2 base CarriersEdit

Carrier and Arbiter RushEdit

(if the opponent turtles with tanks and little support). More common at at lower levels of play.

Corsair Web on TanksEdit

Late GameEdit

Common Strategies


Using Stasis to stop tank pushes and Recall to flank the terran army and strike their main base


3 or more bases with 3 or more stargates supporting 6+ carriers. Counters Scan as the multiple stargates go up, and tech switch to goliaths immediately, preferably with Charon Boosters to match the Carrier's range.

Storm DropEdit

A single psionic storm can take out dozens of workers on a mineral patch, before they can pull the SCVs to safety. This is extremely effective, and should be utilized whenever possible.
A couple of turrets to destroy any unsupported shuttles. Otherwise, just watch the minimap and be on your guard. Tank drops are the Terran equivalent.


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