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The Psi Index is a system used by the Terran Confederacy and later the Terran Dominion to measure the psionic ability of terrans,[1] a PA Profile having to be established within nine months of birth for all children born within the territory of the former.[2] Under the Dominion, the same system was also used to measure the psionic ability of gestalts; protoss/terran hybrid soldiers.[3]

People with low levels of psychic power can often detect its use,[1][4] and some can even resist telepathy.[4] A PI rating of 4.5 is too low to reliably project thoughts, and a person with that low a rating is not referred to as a "teep".[5]

The PI score was completely readjusted after Sarah Kerrigan was brought to the new Ghost Program, as she had reached unheard-of levels, forcing this change.[6]


PI Description
1-2 No psychic powers. Most humans.
2-5 Limited powers. Wranglers.
5-8 Telepathy. "Teeps". Most ghosts fall between 5 and 6.
8-10 May have telekinesis. "Teeks". Extremely rare.[1]

Known RatingsEdit


An adjutant rated Sarah Kerrigan as a "class 12 psi signature".[13][14] A gameplay trailer for Heart of the Swarm listed her as a "class 11 psionic."[15] After being reborn in primal form, an adjutant rated her power as "the highest psi ever recorded" considering it unclassifiable. [16]


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