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"The psionic matrix is the beating heart of Aiur, formed from a lattice of khaydarin crystals embedded within the planet's crust."

- Grand Preserver Rohana(src)

PsionicMatrix SC2-LotV Cncpt1

Psionic matrix nodes

The psionic matrix emanated from Aiur.


The psionic matrix was sparked 3000 years ago.[1][2]

Protoss structures and, to a lesser extent, units, drew their energy from this matrix. While a nexus provided a link to this matrix, khaydarin crystal-based pylons were needed to actually tap into the energy required to provide psionic energy to new colonies. Each pylon generated a short-ranged aura of energy, which can provide the power needed by structures and warp gates. If a protoss building loset its connection to the psionic matrix, it would shut down until it was reconnected, and new units could not be gated in if there was insufficient psionic energy to provide them with power.[3] The matrix could be "supercharged" by a mothership core, which allowed a nexus to use its energy as a defensive measure.[4]

Protoss warp gate units could be warped-in within the psionic matrix created by pylons and the warp prism.[5]

In 2506, the psionic matrix on Aiur was destroyed to prevent the corrupted Golden Armada from arriving to assist Amon against the Daelaam. The three primary khaydarin crystals powering the matrix were destroyed, one in Antioch at the former Citadel of the Executor, one in the ancient temple grounds, and one in the Xel'naga Caverns. The destruction of the crystals sent a large psionic backlash through the surface of Aiur.[6]


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