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Adept SC2-LotV Art2

An adept's shade

Psionic transfer (referred to as "ghosting" by the Terran Dominion)[1] is a type of psionic power utilized by adepts. This ability allows them to project an invulnerable image of themselves and teleport to its location after a short period of time.[2][3] This ability is useful for scouting enemy positions or circumnavigating defensive emplacements.[4]

This ability is enabled/helped by the use of a psionic amplifier.[5]

Game EffectEdit

PsionicTransfer SC2-LotV Icon1
Psionic Transfer

Projects an invulnerable psionic image that can move but not attack. After 7 seconds, the adept teleports to the image’s location.[6] The shade may be canceled at any time, and the adept won't teleport.[3] The shade has a sight radius of 2.

Hotkey F
Cooldown 11Time SC2 Game1


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