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"Originally developed by a top-secret Dominion program called (censored) REPORT ANY SIGHTINGS OF THESE OBJECTS TO YOUR SUPERIOR OFFICER IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT TOUCH."
Psi Indoctrinator
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A psionic waveform indoctrinator (or psi-indoctrinator) is a terran psionic device. It may be used in the training of spectres.[1] It aids terrazine and jorium in restructuring the neurology of a subject in order to fully realize that person's latent psionic ability. Individuals with even minor psionic potential, such as numerous resocialized marines, would gain profound psionic power. It has been implied that the device carries out a process similar to neural resocialization, but in a "much more barbaric" manner. This device would give the inventor, General Cole Bennett, control over spectres, although the manner was unknown.[2]

The origins of the psi-indoctrinator is classified within the Terran Dominion. Marines are urged not to touch these devices, and report any sightings to their superiors.[3]


Psionic waveform indoctrinators were first invented by General Cole Bennett, the former lead researcher behind Project: Shadowblade. They were stored on Gehenna Station, and were filled with resocialized marines.

In 2503, Agent Nova Terra, a Dominion ghost, and the Annihilators attacked Gehenna. Bennett claimed he could release the new spectres to attack Terra, but it was a bluff; they were not at full strength. By capturing her companion, Mal Kelerchian, he forced her into an indoctrinator. However, he was killed before it could take effect on her.

Gabriel Tosh was able to recover six occupied indoctrinators and make his escape before Gehenna was destroyed.[2]

The Second Great WarEdit

Gabriel Tosh re-established the spectres on Avernus Station, where he constructed an indoctrinator as part of a scheme to create new spectres.[1]

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This article or section contains information from the optional Covert Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Plot option : Raynor's Raiders side with Tosh over Nova (A canon).
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A spectre being activated by an indoctrinator

Raynor's Raiders agreed to support Tosh in creating new spectres.[4] Tosh promised not to use brain washing in the creation of new spectres.[5][6][7]

Plot option ends here
Plot option : Raynor's Raiders ally with Nova against Tosh (B canon.)
Main article: Ghost of a Chance

The Avernus Station indoctrinator was destroyed when Raynor's Raiders and Nova, a Terran Dominion ghost, shut down Tosh's spectre program.[1]

Plot option ends here


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