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Purification SC-Com6 Comic1

Purifier beams

Purifier beams are a type of protoss ship weapon, consisting of a destructive discharge of crystal energy. Motherships are equipped with purifier beams, which constitutes the craft's primary means of defense. In combat, it rapid-fires six controlled bursts which, while not very powerful on their own, can track and strike both air and ground targets effectively.[1]

Carriers have been observed to utilize a similar weapon for use in the glassing of planets, projected from their bows.[2][3]

Game UnitEdit

PurifierBeam SC2-LotV Game1

The Purifier beam in-game

In the Co-op Missions mode of Legacy of the Void, the purifier beam can be used, the beam itself being a controllable unit with timed life.[4] An enemy purifier beam with Tal'darim colors can appear as a mutator. On higher difficulties, more enemy purifier beams will appear as the game goes on.


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