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QuadK12 SC2-WoL Story1

Marauder-mounted Quad K12.

The Quad K12 "Punisher" grenade launcher is the primary weapon of the marauder. The marauder mounts a pair of K12s on each arm,[1] each of which hundreds of grenades. The K-12 was originally designed to crack hardened-zerg carapaces, but its payload are able to decimate structures and armor as well.[2]

A fully automated weapon system, the K12 can deliver armor-piercing Punisher grenades or concussive shells to large or small ground targets. The weapon's autoloader assembly also boasts a miniature manufacturing plant that replenishes the suit’s ammunition stores while in the field, allowing the marauder to fight through drawn out engagements without the need to resupply. Energy for the manufacturing process is supplied by an auxiliary power generator mounted on the back of the marauder's 5-4 Armored Infantry Suit.[3]


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