Quijadas is a city on the moon Choss, and the most wealthy city on the planet. It had a booming tourism, as terrans from around the sector would come to glide off of the large cliffs near the city. It also contains mineral springs, and a variety of famous diners. Mayor Haskins runs the city.


Quijadas is a city that goes back as far as the Terran Confederacy. The Shearon family served six generations as marshals for the town. Its primary draw has always been the tourism industry, as people came from all over the sector to glide their famed cliffs.

During the Great War, the zerg invaded Choss, but landed on the other side of the moon near Bim Battum. Marines were sent to cleanse the zerg, and were successful, but it cost the city of Quijadas a great deal of money. A push was made by the tourism board to ensure everyone knew Quijadas was safe and zerg-free.

When the Terran Dominion came into power, Quijadas became the most well funded city on the moon. Strong was appointed as the liaison between the city and the Dominion. Mayor Haskins made a big push to ensure that any crime or misdoings in the area were covered up, so as not to discourage people from visiting.


Around the time of the Second Great War, mutalisks from a spire that had been missed by purification teams began to attack tourists visiting Quijadas. First to die was Alden Moss, a famous university football star. Marshal Rin Shearon and former soldier Dium Flecc concluded it had to be a xeno that had killed him, but Mayor Haskins denied it. After more deaths, the mayor could not deny that something was wrong, and contacted the Dominion, who sent Professor Brad Champlain to capture the canny mutalisk in the area. Shearon contacted Bill Bousquette of Raynor's Raiders to send aid, and they put her in contact with a mercenary named Breg Shaw.

Shaw convinced the town that he could kill the mutalisks for a price. Champlain and Shearon decided to go with him into the cliffs to hunt the mutalisks. They began to pick off hunting parties, but eventually were ambushed. Shaw was killed in the process, but quick thinking by Sharon allowed them to bombard the spire with Shaw's goliath and destroy it, ending the zerg threat to the city.



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