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Invasion of Char


Liberation of Braxis

Vile Disruption
VileDisruption SC1 Map1

Brood War


The Queen of Blades




Kerrigan's main hive cluster, Tarsonis


Kerrigan's Swarm pyrrhic victory


Zerg SC2 Icon Kerrigan's Swarm

Renegade Zerg

Two rogue broods

Zerg SC2 Icon Queen Sarah Kerrigan
Zerg SC2 Icon Consort Duran
Zerg SC2 Icon Unnamed cerebrate

None; each minion fended by itself due to a lack of centralized control and command


Whatever forces Kerrigan still had under her control, more some reinforcements she was able to get from the rescued hives

Rampaging unguided zerg


Some damage to Kerrigan's main hive clusters, substantial damage to minions' strength, but recoverable

Every rampaging zerg warrior was either killed or returned under Kerrigan's control

The Raid on Tarsonis marked the beginning of the last phase of the Brood War, sometime after the United Earth Directorate's takeover of the Overmind and shortly after the Psi Disrupter's signal reached Sarah Kerrigan's zerg on Tarsonis.


After the UED's victory on Char, Sarah Kerrigan was hiding out on Tarsonis, former (and empty) capital of the Terran Confederacy with her minion, Infested Duran, and a very small Swarm. She had taken control of a cerebrate, a necessary link in the zerg chain of command. Her forces were weak because the United Earth Directorate had activated the Psi Disrupter, interfering with her control of the zerg.

Duran interrupted her ruminations, telling her that visitors had arrived. Jim Raynor and Fenix were there to see her. Kerrigan had contacted the two of them on Aiur previously, and had alerted them to the United Earth Directorate's plans – to take control of the second Overmind. Raynor and Fenix didn't trust her, but were nonetheless willing to work with her to defeat the UED. She convinced Raynor that, if the Directorate succeeded in their plans, they would not be above manipulating the Overmind to enslave Kerrigan once more, much the way the United Powers League ruled Earth with an iron fist. Kerrigan, having already gained freedom from the first Overmind when it was slain by the protoss hero, Tassadar, was not about to relinquish her free will once more.

Duran interrupted the conversation, saying the Psi Disrupter had caused many of Kerrigan's zerg to leave her control over the past few hours and run amok. Raynor mocked her on this point, while Kerrigan and Duran got to work.

The new cerebrate took control of Kerrigan's few remaining zerg minions and, with the use of superior tactics, slowly defeated the rebel zerg, recovering hives as it did so. The hives failed to respond to the cerebrate's orders, and so the associated larvae were unable to be transformed into new zerg minions.

Kerrigan's zerg moved from hive to hive, taking them from the rebels' control. Each time, some of the renegade zerg joined Kerrigan's side. Kerrigan recruited a number of Hunter Killers this way; using her now formidable forces in tandem with the mighty Hunter Killers, the Queen of Blades managed to put down the rebels and claimed victory.[1]


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