High Templar Rassidan is a protoss high templar of the Akilae Tribe. He fought against the zerg on Aiur and witnessed firsthand the destruction that the Swarm wrought. In the aftermath of the Overmind's destruction, he was among the protoss who fled to Shakuras. Although the destruction of Aiur pained him, he came to appreciate the beauty of the Dark Templar's world;

The destruction of our ancient home of Aiur still pains me. The blackening of our lands, the destruction of our cities and the defilement of our temples by the accursed Zerg leaves a void in my soul that can never again be filled. Now Shakuras is my new home, and I am finally beginning to understand why our exiled Dark Templar brethren settled here. I've spent many days just quietly gazing out at the strangely sad beauty of the water here. The waves hold the color of pure indigo and they mesmerize me and calm my soul. How could anyone leave this place after seeing such sights?


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