Rastin was a terran colonist who resided on the planet of Bhekar Ro.


Rastin was among the first wave of colonists to Bhekar Ro and at the dawn of the 26th century, was one of the few surviving members of that first generation. Wanting to escape from the Terran Confederacy, Bhekar Ro was about as isolated a planet as he could get, short of a planet inhabited by nothing but himself. Generally grumpy, he operated vespene gas refineries, acting as a supplier. Disliking company (hence his isolation from the township of Free Haven), he still possessed a dog, Old Blue.

In 2500, Rastin found himself in Free Haven for a meeting called by Octavia Bren. An alien artifact had been discovered that had not only killed her brother, but had sent some kind of beacon into space. Unlike most of the other colonists, Rastin refused to believe that there was any danger. The isolation worked against him however, courtesy of the arrival of the zerg Kukulkan Brood, becoming infested after fighting a losing battle against his attackers.


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