Raydin III is a planet in/near the Koprulu Sector. Its atmosphere has a high methane content, making the use of nose plugs with supplemental oxygen almost mandatory.[1]


Raydin III was the home of civil unrest against the Confederacy.

During the Guild Wars, it was split between the Confederacy and Kel-Morian Combine. The Confederates attempted a blackout of the citizenry in order to make things harder for Kel-Morian attackers, but they could only control a limited area.

In 2488 a major battle was fought near Prosser's Well in which the Confederates emerged victorious, enabling the Confederates to capture a large quantity of Kel-Morian equipment.

Captain Jack Larimer, commander of the Tactical Response Squad, took advantage of the situation. Dressing his men up as Kel-Morian outriders and using a captured Kel-Morian dropship, the squad attacked a well-guarded house populated by dissidents. The intention of the attack was to frame the Kel-Morians for committing atrocities against civilians.[1]



Military InstallationsEdit


A planet with a similar name, Raydin IV, was controlled by the Kel-Morian Combine in 2503.[2]


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